Bill Walker Biography

Willis Martin Walker, popularly known as Bill Walker is an American Politician and Attorney who served as the 11th governor of Alaska after he assumed office on December 1, 2014, and left office on December 3, 2018.

Walker is happily married to Donna who is also a lawyer and they both owned a law firm. He also became a prominent oil and gas attorney in the ’80s, representing the city of Valdez and the Alaska Gasline Port Authority.

Here is a brief biography of Bill Walker who is running for election as Governor of Alaska as an independent candidate and will be on the ballot in the upcoming general election.

Full NameWilliam Martin Walker
Age71 years old
HometownFairbanks, Territory of Alaska
ProfessionPolitician & Attorney

Bill Walker Early Life and Education

Bill Walker

Walker was born in Fairbanks, Alaska but soon moved to the small rural city of Delta junction and the port of Valdez on Prince William sound, where he was raised. He was born as the fourth child of Ed Walker and Alaska pioneer Frances Park-Walker.

He grew up in a strong family, as his father Ed Walker was an Alaskan scout, working with Castner’s Cutthroats during the Second World War, scouting the Aleutian Islands, while his mother Frances worked the Alaskan-Canadian Highway.

Unfortunately, the family lost most of their properties and belongings to the 1964 Alaska earthquake which almost completely damaged Valdez where they lived. Things became tough and Walker had to become a janitor to help assist and provide for the family.

During this period, he attended Valdez high school where he graduated in 1969, and then went on to pursue his dreams and studied at Lewis and Clark College and received a B.S in business management in 1973.

Walker then went on to get another degree from the University of Puget Sound School of Law (which is now known as Seattle University School Of Law), where he got his J.D in 1983.

During this period, Walker worked at his family’s construction company, saving enough money to pay for his education, as he worked as a carpenter, laborer, and teamster on the Trans-Alaska pipeline.

Walker married Donna and moved to Anchorage where they happily together with two sons and two daughters until he became governor of Alaska in 2014.

Bill Walker Political Career

Walker always had politics in him from the onset when he was much younger in small town Valdez, where he initially served as city attorney, then he later became the city counsel before he finally became the city’s mayor.

Walker served as city counsel for Valdez from 1977-1979 and later became the youngest mayor of Valdez at only 27 years old serving from 1979-1980. He later went on for higher ambitions in 2010 challenging for the Republican primary elections but came second to Parnell who went on to win the gubernatorial elections.

However, this didn’t stop him but instead made him more ambitious. In 2013 he announced his interest in the 2014 elections, as a Republican candidate but instead, he decided to run as a nonpartisan candidate, following the advice of Alaska’s former governor Wally Hickel.

The follow-up to his upcoming elections was very interesting, following his support and involvement in many trending issues, which included his opposition to the construction of pebble mones and citing the need to adopt energy policies to help reduce the harmful effect of climate change.

On election day in November 2014, there was a close call between Walker and incumbent Governor Parnell, but after much lead days after Parnell called off and conceded and Walker became governor. In 2018 Walker wanted to re-run but soon called off as his lieutenant governor and some other plans did go accordingly. He later came back in 2021 to announce his interest in the upcoming 2022 gubernatorial elections.

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