Chris Jones Biography

Born and raised in the city of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Chris Jones, joined the political race to run as governor of Arkansas and as a native Arkansan who lived and grew up in the city, Chris represents the masses in a new light.

Although new to the political game, Chris has great leadership skills, serving as the President of the student body at Morehouse College, where he earned a degree in maths and physics, and also the former executive chairman of Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub.

Chris is turned off by political division in the state over the past few years and hopes to bring an alternative to the Trump brand of politics in his political pursuit.

Brief Profile – Chris Jones

Full NameChristopher .M. Jones
Age44 years old
PartyDemocratic Party
Place of BirthPine Bluff, Arkansas
ProfessionPhysicist, Minister, Educator & Non-profit leader

Chris Jones Early Life and Education

Chris Jones

Chris was born into the family of Mr & Mrs. Jones, who were both devoted Christians and ministers in the church where they worshipped. He is currently married to Dr.Jerrrylin Jones, and they are blessed with three daughters, living happily in Arkansas.

Growing up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Chris said his parents impacted most of his childhood, and the city equally played its part. His parents always taught him to love, hope, hard work, and always keep a strong faith in God who he acknowledges for his success so far.

Chris is a big fan of science, and through his elementary to high school, he was a strong high flying student and even one of the best in math and physics. After High school, he applied and got a scholarship from NASA to study physics and Maths at Morehouse College.

He decided to further his education afterward, so he went on to study Nuclear Engineering at Michesseutte Institute of Technology (MIT) and later bagged a Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) in Urban Planning at the same Michesseutte Institute of Technology (MIT).

Chris has always identified as a state patron since he grew up in the beautiful city of Arkansas, he always had a connection to the state which is why he has done so much to see it flourish.

He always tried to help during his college years, and even afterward. He ran a program called Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, which helped Arkansans with the right tool and technology they needed to help scale their business and provide more job opportunities.

Chris Jones Political Career

Chris Jones has always had a passion to lead and make an impact in not just his nearby home or family, but the state of Arkansas and the country in general.

Growing up with parents who were ministers in the church, he quickly joined a department in the church and started handling minor leadership roles before he became a minister himself.

He has also worked as a non-profit leader in some Non-Governmental Organizations, one of the major ones being his role as Executive director of Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, which was focused on empowering entrepreneurs, and helping promote changes in Arkansas and the entire region.

He soon joined the Democratic Party in search of a better way to impact society through his excellent work ethic, and passion to enact changes.

He announced that he would be running for governor of Arkansas in 2020, and started his campaign to create awareness for r the people, stating a 7 Promises Campaign, on the areas he would like to touch in the state if elected, they include the educational system, infrastructure, Healthcare and creating more job opportunities in the state.

So far he has traveled to the entire 75 counties in Arkansas to hear, see and understand the needs of the people he would like to be a voice to.

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