Danielle Neuschwanger Biography

Danielle Neuschwanger is a real estate agent, and criminal justice lawyer. Born in Greeley Colorado, Danielle had to live and grow up with her grandparents who were war veterans of World War II, there she learned the true value of life and understood the true American system.

Danielle Neuschwanger will be on the ballot in the upcoming general election and will be hoping to be elected as the new Governor of Colorado under the American Constitution Party.

Although she has no political experience and has often time made controversial remarks on political and societal issues, she remained one of the top candidates for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in Colorado.

The Ex-Republican candidate who missed out on a spot in Colorado’s Republican gubernatorial primary will be hoping to secure the governorship seat through one of Colorado’s officially recognized minor political parties – American Constitution Party.

Full NameDanielle Neuschwanger
Age34 years old
PartyAmerican Constitution Party
BirthplaceGreely, Colorado
ProfessionReal Estate Agent & Small Business Owner

Danielle Neuschwanger Early Life and Education

Danielle was born in Greely, Colorado but moved to Longmont, Colorado where she grew up with her grandparents. Her grandfather is a war hero who served in World War II.

Danielle is a middle child, born in between 2 brothers, who she often competed with when growing up, making her the strong, brave, and fearless woman she is today.

Growing up in such a close friendly neighborhood town, she was very close to the elderly and learned a lot about the country and its history, which made her fall in love with it more.

She would often help out her grandma with the Women’s Auxiliary on Sundays and sometimes enjoyed listening to veterans at the local VFW tell life stories and pass down great wisdom from their experiences which she took very seriously and still holds dearly to this day.

Danielle finished high school in 2005 and then got early admission into CU to further her studies. She noted her studies for a couple of years but soon felt like she wasn’t on the right path.

After a while, she moved to Rasmussen College where she found her one true passion for Criminal Justice. Here she received her Associate degree in Psychology, before going to gain a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Colorado State University.

After school, she easily got jobs in different fields and sectors thanks to her diversity and willingness to learn. She first practiced her profession, working in various criminal justice positions in some big companies. After some time, she worked in the health security sector, first as a project coordinator, and also as a safe tactic & Verbal De-Escalation Instructor.

Danielle also worked as a Contract Acquisition consultant, data miner, and researcher. She traveled the country teaching Effective Aggression Management to first responders. She is also FEMA certified, assisting with Mass casualty, and active shooters drill.

Danielle was always a workaholic and was basically married to her job until she met Jarid Neuschwanger in 2014. They soon got married and are blessed with two boys.

Her mother-in-law advised her to go into construction and real estate in 2016, which she obeyed as she felt it was time to shift a little from her comfort zone, so she and her husband started HVAC, a small construction company, and another native Coloradan real estate company Wild Buck Realty in 2019, which helps Colorado small businesses.

Danielle Neuschwanger Political Career

Danielle Neuschwanger For Governor

Right from an early age, Danielle Neuschwanger would sit with elderly citizens and veterans, who always taught her the history of the country they once fought for, its triumphs, and its legacy, which made her fall in love with the system.

But growing, she began to realize that the system she lives in is different from the system in the stories she was told, which attracted her interest into politics and the politicians who she claims never faces the real issues in society today but rather worked on self-acclaimed projects to secure their next political office.

Danielle in her campaign had clearly stated that she is not a politician, which she believes gives her an edge because she’s not trying to be the next female president or congresswoman, but rather just wants to make a change by being a voice for the people and city she so much loves.

She is a self-proclaimed out if works thinker and believes that she has the mental capacity to bring up ideas and solutions best suited to the needs of the people and help revive the nation.

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