David Lashar Biography

David Lashar is a family man and an IT executive who has served with distinction in both the legislative and executive branches of government at both the federal and state levels.

This is David’s second try at public office. He previously ran as a Libertarian for Congress against John Sarbanes and Charles Anthony in 2018. He, however, lost to John Sarbanes.

David Lashar is currently the Libertarian Party candidate for Maryland governor. He believes he’s the perfect alternative to the Democrats & Republicans and he is on the ballot in the upcoming general election on November 8, 2022.

Here is a brief biography of David Lashar:

Full NameDavid Lashar
Age59 years old
Political PartyLibertarian
HometownAnnapolis, Maryland
ProfessionIT Executive
FacebookDavid Lashar

David Lashar Early Life

David Lashar was born in 1963 in York, Pennsylvania (he is currently 59 years old). In his younger days, prior to his knees and ankles giving way, David was a competitive distance runner.

David Lashar Education

David went to a public high school in northeast Ohio. He received his bachelor’s degree in Russian Studies from Dartmouth College (NH) in 1985. He received his business degree (MBA) from Carnegie Mellon University (PA) in 1994.

David Lashar Career

After studying the Soviet Union and international relations in his college years, David joined the 1988 presidential campaign of Sen. Bob Dole. From here, David garnered some experience and began to appreciate the difference between political life and actual life.

After the Dole campaign, David joined a legislative caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives to work as a congressional policy analyst. During these years, David began to appreciate the substantial difference between what is reported in the media and what is supported by metrics, experience, and history – myth vs reality.

Finding the Beltway culture to be unsavory to his tastes, David left DC to embark on a career that commenced in manufacturing, then shifted to information technology (IT). David joined Xerox Corporation as a supervisor on an assembly line in upstate New York.

While at Xerox, David moved into IT as part of the company’s so-called Y2K readiness initiatives. This made him adopt IT as his adulthood profession, winning national awards and emerging as a thought leader along the way.

David Lashar Family

David and his wife, Margaret, have lived in Annapolis since 2006. They are proud parents to a teenage daughter. Together, the three of them enjoy cooking, outdoor activities, and family gatherings.

David Lashar Political Career

David Lashar Biography

In 2015, David returned to public service as a commissioner on the Maryland Transportation Commission (MTC). However, he resigned when he realized that the job was created for political reasons and holds no substance.

At the start of 2016, David received an appointment to serve as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Maryland’s $14 billion Department of Health. A year later, David received a promotion to Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief of Staff (CoS).

During this time, David spearheaded a team that safely and lawfully transitioned vulnerable nursing-home patients out of a sizable facility that had been found unfit to continue delivering care. He also drafted and orchestrated a plan that successfully addressed a decades-long problem at the intersection of criminal justice and behavioral health.

David left the Department of Health in 2018 and stood as the LP’s candidate for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. He, however, lost to John Sarbanes of DP. David Lashar is currently running for election for Governor of Maryland. He is on the ballot in the general election on November 8, 2022.

David believes that with his massive experiences, he is uniquely prepared to actually get good things done in Maryland for all Marylanders in the event that he is elected as Governor.

According to him, he seeks to expand opportunity for all Marylanders, promoting accountability amongst both individuals and authorities, and extending civility to all fellow citizens. He said, “I would be proud to have restored decency, cooperation, progress, and hope in Maryland.”

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