Heidi Ganahl Biography

Heidi Ganahl is an American entrepreneur, author, businesswoman, politician, and elected member of the University of Colorado Board of Regents, making her the only elected Republican in the entire state of Colorado.

She is the founder and former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of camp Bow Wow, which is an international pet care franchise. In June 2022, she secured the GOP nomination for the upcoming election for Governor of Colorado and would have to face Democratic candidate and Incumbent governor Jared Polis.

Here is a brief biography of Heidi Ganahl who is running for election as Governor of Colorado and will be on the ballot in the upcoming general election.

Full NameHeidi Ganahl
Age56 years old
PartyRepublican Party
HometownMonument, Colorado
ProfessionPolitician & Businesswoman

Heidi Ganahl Early Life and Education

Heidi Grandl was born and raised for the earlier part of her life in Orange County, California. She lived with her family in Orange county, where she grew up, and attended pre and elementary school before they moved to Monument, Colorado when she was just 12 years of age.

Her parents moved to a new town Monument in 1978 and she had to follow. There she attended Lewis-Parent High School, where she finished her secondary school education.

After high school, Heidi went on to attend the University of Colorado Boulder, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business. This set her up to get another degree, but this time a Master’s Degree in healthcare administration from the University of Denver.

Heidi worked for Chapman Warwick and also Salvati Montgomery Sakoda, as an advertising agent. She also worked as an account manager at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Rhone Poulenc (which is now Sanofi,-Aventis), and Dusa Pharmaceuticals.

In 2000, she launched her own company, Camp Bow Wow, which today is one of North America’s fastest and best pet care franchises, but was later sold to VCA Inc.

In August 2014. She also owns a foundation that supports social entrepreneurs who want to help kids in Colorado called Fight Back Foundation. She was married to Bion Flammang until he died in a plane crash in 1994.

Heidi Ganahl Political Career

Heidi has had quite the political experience, starting when Colorado governor John Hickenlooper appointed her to help monitor school safety and prevent threats in private and public schools, serving on the School Safety and Youth Crisis Committee board.

Heidi Ganahl is also a strong supporter of the former president of the United States Donald Trump, she once supported a controversial lawyer John Eastman who said that the 2020 election was rigged and claimed that Kamala Harris was not an American Citizen, therefore cannot become the Vice President of the country.

In 2021 she opposed the Colorado Affordable Healthcare Option, which was supposed to help reduce the cost of Healthcare in the state.

She stated that “The proposed Colorado Healthcare Option is not the broad solution politician claim. With unintended consequences to quality and access, it may force hospitals to eliminate some critical care functions. It may even endanger miracles like mine quality.”

She also opposes proposals offer to help give tuition-free enrollment to community colleges. She is running for the upcoming 2022 Colorado gubernatorial election.

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