Katie Hobbs Biography

Katie Hobbs is a politician and social worker, born and raised in Arizona and has served as the Secretary of State of Arizona since January 2019.

She entered politics and became a member of the Democratic party. She represented the 24th district during her stay as a state senator in Arizona from 2013-2019, she had earlier represented the 15th district from 2011-2013.

Here is a brief biography of Katie Hobbs who is running for election for Governor of Arizona under the Democratic party and will be on the ballot in the upcoming general election.

Full NameKathleen Marie Hobbs
Age52 years old
BirthplacePhoenix, Arizona
ProfessionPolitician and Social Worker

Katie Hobbs Early Life and Education

Kathleen was born on December 28, 1969, in Phoenix, Arizona. She lives and grew up with her parents in small town Tempe.

Born into a middle-class family, she quickly learned the value of hard work and diligence which she has credited to her parents who trained and raised her properly. As a kid, Katie volunteered in the church, dedicating her service to her parents, God, and humanity.

After graduating from Seton Catholic High school in 1988, Katie had to take care of herself, so she went to further her education at Northern Arizona University and grad school at Arizona State University, which she was able to finish up thanks to her scholarship mixed with work-study as a social worker as she loved helping people.

When she graduated, she started working with homeless youths in Phoenix, and soon discovered her passion before working in one of the biggest domestic abuse centers in the whole United States. Here she helped a lot of women and victims of domestic violence which also enlightened her on how some common people had little or no access to basic services like reproductive health care.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in social work in 1992 from Northern Arizona University, and in 1995 she got her master’s degree from Arizona State University.

Katie claimed that her time as a social worker really helped her to understand the state and its needs, as she saw firsthand how Arizonans had to suffer for their elected leaders not addressing certain issues in the states they were elected to address. She then decided to join politics, running for office so that she can make a change in the states.

Katie Hobbs Political Career

Katie Hobbs
About Katie Hobbs

Born and raised in the home city of the Grand Canyon state, Katie always knew the values of society and thought about how best to help the community, which is why she decided to go into politics to make a change as an advocate for stopping domestic violence.

She was encouraged by some of the people she worked with to run for office and was elected as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives in 2010.

She furthered her political career by serving two terms after being elected to the Arizona Senate as Senate Minority Leader. In 2017 she ran for Arizona Secretary of State going against local businessman Steve Gaynor.

At the beginning of the race, Gaynor took a narrow lead against Katie, but after the complete counting of the ballots, Katie was declared the winner with a margin of 20,000 votes, becoming the first Democrat to hold the post since 1995 and did it under a Republican governor. This took her political career to the next level as being secretary of state made her next in line to the governor if he was to be recovered or resigned from office.

After a tenure filled with a lot of controversies and court cases on pending issues, Katie announced in October 2020 that she would be running as the Democratic candidate for the 2022 gubernatorial elections, after beating Marco.A.Lopez Jr in the primaries and so far has a close call competition with Republican candidate Kari Lake.

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