Paul Fiorino Biography

Paul Fiorino is a businessman, art advocate, and American politician who has worked and ran for mayor and governor several times, stating that his major focus is on education, bringing a way for 21st-century teachers to imbibe fitness in the educational system through dancing.

He also plans to work on environmental leadership, to help sustain energy through renewal and the creation of new forms of usage. As an advocate for art and culture, Paul Fiorino intends on exploring tourism in culture, art and history, fish and wildlife, agriculture, and the medical sector too, to help build the future of the nation through an impact on his state.

Here is a brief biography of Paul Noel Fiorino who is running for election as Governor of Colorado and will be on the ballot in the upcoming general election.

Full NamePaul Noel Fiorino
Age67 years old
PartyUnity Party
HometownDenver, Colorado
ProfessionBusinessman, Art advocate & Politician
Campaign Site

Paul Fiorino Early Life and Education

Paul Fiorino

Paul Fiorino was born on 22nd November 1957 into the family of Mr. Emilio E. Fiorino, who happens to be a war veteran, having defended the great nation in World War II, and Ms.Madeleine Turgeon who was an Opera Singer and choral director.

His father is a professional architect who was a  part-time artist and photographer, which was how he met his lovely wife. He achieved a diploma from Douglas County High School in 1973.

Paul’s first ever job was working as a parking assistant, and Horse handler. He worked as a sales and service personnel in Air-Clean Grease and Air Filter Incorporated, from 1970-1974.

He was then the manager of Ruffian Restaurant, from 1974-1976 and later became a demonstrator in New York City Ballet Education Department, from 1980-1984, and then the principal Artist in Denver, Dallas, Tel-Aviv, Israel, New Orleans, and New York City, from 1975-1989

After that he went into the educational system, to help instill his knowledge into the younger generation. He worked at Colorado College/Colorado State University, from 1990-1991 and later as a Producer for Denver Community Television, from 2003-2006. He was also the Sole Proprietor/Director, of Ballet Arts Center/Theatre, from 1993-2010.

Since then, he has been the President of the Golden Triangle Museum District, since 2008. Prior to this, he worked as the Chair head of the Colorado Art Consortium, from 2005 to 2010.

He continues to grow in the art industry thanks to his fondness for the profession. He is also a member of the Denver’s Musicians Association locals. He worked as the commissioner for Mayor Federico Pena Arts commission from 1980-1984, and then the president of Douglas Arts Council.

He got married to the woman of his dreams on the 5th of March 1977, and they are today blessed with children.

Paul Fiorino Political Career

Paul has been underground and active in politics, serving in civic and religious roles within and outside the state. He started off as the President of the 4-H Club in Douglas County, for only 2 years 1966-1968.

During his years’ teaching, he was once the Chair head of Douglas County junior high school in 1969, then he became the President of Douglas County senior high in 1972.

During President Kennedy’s rule, he was appointed president of Kennedy’s Colorado Alliance for Arts Education. He then was the Commissioner for Mayor Wellington Webb’s Office for Art Culture and Film, from 1985-1989.

His leadership skills and execution only took him higher and proved he had the leadership capability to get the job done. This alone brought him roles in the industry, later in 1998, he was appointed a board member of Governor Owens Physical fitness and Health Commission.

During his years in the Republican party, he served as the State Business Chair of the National Republican Committee, from 2002-2004. And was also the state Delegate for Clear Creek Democratic State Primary in 2008. He soon realized that to make a real pact he had to attain a much more significant political role which brought about his attempt at governorship.

He previously ran for Mayor of Denver, Colorado in 2015. He also ran for governor of Colorado in 2006, 2010, 2014, and 2018. He would also be taking interest in the upcoming gubernatorial elections, as the candidate for Unity Party in a fight for the seat of the Governor of Colorado. Paul was an unaffiliated candidate in 2016, seeking election into the U.S Senate from Colorado.

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