Rick Stewart Biography

Rick Stewart is an entrepreneur and CEO. He’s a consensus builder and a good listener. An active politician who has been a proponent of ending the war on drugs and a supporter of the use of psychedelics for therapy.

Rick Stewart is currently running as Governor of Iowa under the Libertarian Party. He’s currently not holding any office but has vied thrice for public offices and lost. He would have to win over Democratic Party’s Deidre DeJear and incumbent Kim Reynolds to become Iowa’s next governor.

Here is a brief biography of Rick Stewart:

Full NameRick Stewart
Age71 years old
PartyLibertarian Party
BirthplacePostville, Iowa
FacebookRick Stewart

Rick Stewart Early Life

Rick Stewart was born on August 3, 1951, in Postville, Iowa – he’s currently 71. Rick is the second son of Bill and Helen Stewart. When he was 8, his family moved to Maquoketa, Iowa.

Rick Stewart Education and Career

Although Rick seemed to start well, after all, he won a scholarship to attend Phillips Academy, he later encountered so many failures in his life. When he graduated from Phillips Academy in 1969, he encountered failure in Menlo College and Clinton Community College. His mother enrolled him at Iowa State University but he dropped out after a year.

He made a rather unproductive trip around before returning to Maquoketa, where he eventually joined the police after two years. He was eventually fired when he refused to shave off his beard.

Rick worked as a carpenter’s helper for a few months before moving to Cedar Rapids. Despite moving in with a van, motorcycle, and $5,000 in cash, he never made it out of Cedar Rapids.

Two years later, Rick managed to graduate from Kirkwood Community College with an associate degree in Agricultural Mechanics, a van, a motorcycle, $5,000 of herbs and spices, a wife (not married though), and a baby. He launched his company Frontier Cooperative Herbs, which grew to become a $40 million business with 300 employees.

During this period, Rick got four children, a BA from Coe College in 1991, and an MBA from the University of Chicago in 1993. Like his normal behavior, Rick called it quits with his business in 1999 and decided to travel the world again. During his tour, he studied Chinese in Beijing, his four children married (but two later divorced), and he did some mountain hiking before he ventured into politics.

Rick Stewart Family

Rick Stewart never really married his wife. He divorced five times and he’s currently divorced. He has 6 Children: Saasha, Loc, Coleman, Kane, Elise, Alexsa.

Rick Stewart Political Career

In 2012, Rick decided to help his favorite presidential candidate, Libertarian Gary Johnson, to open a little office in a local coffee shop in Washington DC. Funnily, Rick was too much sand in the works. Just within a week, he was banned from the entire building.

Rick left Washington DC to continue his campaign for Gary in Iowa. Unluckily for him, 3 of the ‘National Sponsors’ withdrew their ‘sponsorship.’ That was the first time any sponsor would pull out of the presidential debates. Ultimately, the remaining seven ‘National Sponsors’ withdrew. You knew the result – Gary never made it anywhere.

Rick decided to run for the Iowa senate seat. He rode his bicycle 3,000 miles around Iowa, where he was interviewed by close to 200 Iowa newspapers. That was when he learned much about the political landscape in Iowa. He made much effort but unluckily for him, he was excluded from all three Senate debates. He ultimately lost, coming third out of six candidates.

In 2016, Rick ran for Linn County Sheriff on the Libertarian ticket but lost to the incumbent. In 2018, he ran for Secretary of Agriculture on the Libertarian ticket and lost again, coming third. In 2020, he ran for the U.S. Senator again on the Libertarian ticket, but came third again, sigh.

Fortunately for him, he has learned so much and gathered many experiences from his past attempts and failures. On his first attempt, he learned about building a team. On his second attempt, he learned that fundraising is key. On his third attempt, he learned “never say die.”

And now it is 2022. Will Rick’s past experiences help him to win in the general election for Governor of Iowa on November 8, 2022, or he’ll fail again as usual? Well, Rick has built a powerful team and put the machinery in place to floor both the incumbent and Deidre. Though no million-dollar sponsor yet, he’s optimistic to overcome this time around.

Rick Stewart Professional Experience

His professional experiences can be summed up in the following:

  • Patrol Officer, Maquoketa Police Department, 1974-1975
  • Chief Executive Officer, Frontier Co-op, 1976-1999
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