Ricky Dale Harrighton Jr. Biography

Ricky Dale Harrighton is an American minister, health advocate and politician. He joined the Libertarian Political Party, where he has been one of their most successful political candidates in history.

Having studied and gained a ministry degree, Ricky dedicated his life to public services, traveling halfway across the world to countries like Scotland and China on missionary duties.

He worked in a psychiatric hospital, as a chaplain in the Arkansas Department of Correction, Cummins Unit, where he got to see the world in a new light, hence his venture into politics to help fix it. He is happily married with three children.

Here is a brief biography of Ricky Dale Harrighton Jr. who is running for election as Governor of Arkansas and will be competing against the likes of Chris Jones and Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the upcoming general election.

Brief Profile – Ricky Dale Harrighton Jr.

Full NameRicky Dale Harrighton Jr.
Age36 years old
PartyLibertarian Party
ProfessionMinister, Health Advocate & Politician

Ricky Dale Harrighton Jr. Early Life and Career

Ricky was born on the 14th of October, 1985, and grew up in the Ark-La-Tex region with his parents, Mr & Mrs. Harrington in a loving Christian home where he was taught the core values of being a true and devoted Christian which awoke the preacher in him, longing to contribute to his faith.

Ricky did a lot of traveling during his childhood, moving between Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. Ricky completed his elementary studies and went on to Jefferson High School in Texas.

He always had the passion to become a minister right from the onset, and he kept it alive throughout his childhood and then teenagehood. After high school, he enrolled at Sunset International Bible Institute where he was taught the ministry and was later posted to Scotland for missionary service where he worked as a caregiver to the elderly and a primary school teacher.

After his service in Scotland, Ricky moved back to Arkansas to further his studies at Harding University, gaining a Bachelor of Ministry degree. He worked and studied at the same time to help boost his experience level and gain exposure.

While working at a psychiatric hospital during his school study, Ricky was able to properly see and understand the healthcare system, its strengths, and its flaws, which brought a new passion for him. He later moved to China for another missionary service, where he worked as a hospital consultant and a university teacher.

Ricky returned in 2016 to permanently reside in Arkansas. He took up a chaplain role in the Arkansas Department of Correction at the Cummins unit. He is happily married to Chujie, who is an Active Duty U.S Navy. Together they have three children.

Ricky Dale Harrington Jr. Political Career

When Ricky returned to Arkansas from his missionary service in China, he took up a non-denominational Chaplain role in the Arkansas Department of Correction at the Cummins Unit.

He also helped to manage several inmate programs, helping them to become better persons and increasing their parole chances, and during his tenure, there was a massive decrease in the number of repeat offenders.

Ricky stated that working in the Arkansas Department of Correction in the Cummin unit changed his perspective on life and the system in general. Coupled with his previous experience in the healthcare sector, Ricky was able to understand that a lot of things were wrong and a lot of Arkansas residents didn’t have the voice they deserved to speak for them. This grew his Political interest, as he stepped up to be a voice for the voiceless.

In 2020, he ran against Sen.Tom Cotton in the Arkansas Senate election, breaking history and becoming the first black man in Arkansas to run for senate, and also the first Libertarian to gain more than 33% of the votes in any political race in the nation.

This would mark the beginning of his political career. In 2021, he announced that he would be running for the 2022 Arkansas gubernatorial election, as the Libertarian candidate.

He strongly believed in a leadership system that involves the general public, having worked in the public sector, and advocated for equality, liberty, and abundance for all Arkansans.

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