Seth Cordell Biography

Seth Cordell is a long-time Kansas and local chiropractor. He is a Libertarian who believes in the power of Kansans to enact change towards a freer state. In 2021, he decided to take the extra step to show his enthusiasm for liberty by running for election for Kansas governor.

He is on the ballot in the general election on November 8, 2022, after advancing from the Libertarian Party convention on April 23, 2022. We couldn’t get much information about him online so we resulted to extract information from an interview with him.

Here is a brief biography of Seth Cordell:

Full NameSeth Cordell
Age42 years old
PartyLibertarian Party
BirthplaceLittle River, Kansas
Facebook@Seth Cordell
Youtube@Cordell For Kansas

Seth Cordell Early Life

Seth Cordell was born in December 1980 and grew up in Little River, Kansas. He’s currently 42 years. Seth is the second oldest of eight siblings. As a child, his family lived on a small farm and raised a variety of livestock. According to him, they were active in 4H.

Seth Cordell Education

Seth went to junior high and high school, where he did football, basketball, track, band, choir, theater, debate, forensics, and scholar’s bowl. He was also the student council president in his senior year. He’s obviously a sports person.

During his first year at Sterling College, he had an injury and couldn’t continue with sport anymore. Seth lost sport and subsequently dropped out of school after his freshman year.

He bounced around for several years before getting his CNA, which helped him to work at a couple of nursing homes. Seth eventually fell in love with healthcare. After meeting his spouse, Teresa, they both decided to go back to school.

At age 30, Seth went back to college, and both Seth and Teresa finished their BSc. degrees in biology and doctorates in chiropractic.

Seth Cordell Career

Seth moved with his wife to Rice County, where they both opened Cordell Chiropractic Clinic. Currently, the couple has offices in Lyons and Sterling. Two years later, he became the assistant debate and forensics coach at Lyons High School.

According to him, his students at Lyons High School inspired him to run for public office.

Seth Cordell Family

Seth got married to Teresa. He didn’t disclose the number of children he has.

Seth Cordell Political Career

Seth Cordell for Governor

On April 23, 2022, Seth Cordell advanced from the Libertarian convention for Governor of Kansas.

When asked what inspired him to run the gubernatorial race, Seth said that Kansas is the home to many unique, intelligent, hard-working people who are not benefiting from the natural resources and natural beauty they have.

He said he wants to ensure a prosperous economy and equal opportunity for all Kansans. He also stated that he would take a deeper look into the shortcomings of the state and find practical solutions.

According to him, the draconian systems of the past have not worked to solve the underlying issues that lead to several societal problems. Senseless regulations, laws, and mandates are limiting the ability of Kansans to step up and show the US what they can do.

To all these problems, he aims to find solutions to them when elected as governor. There was no record of Seth ever handling a public office. This means that this is his first time running for a public office and he’s running for the post of governor.

Although Seth has already started his campaign moves, we can’t tell whether his low exposure to public office and third-party candidature will help him achieve his dream or not. Nevertheless, he’s the youngest of all the candidates.

Meet Seth Cordell

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