William Pounds Biography

William Pounds is a politician and as he would like to call himself a humanitarian. William is a certified caregiver, who has dedicated his life to justice and equality for all, fighting for the poor, disabled, and even refugees.

He was a tutor and assistant teacher for deaf children, and a journalist who dedicated his journalism years to seeking the sole truth. He is currently the chairperson of the Independent Green Party which he is pushing for legitimization against the upcoming gubernatorial election.

Here is a brief biography of William Pounds who is running for election as Governor of Arizona under the Independent-Green party and will be on the ballot in the upcoming general election.

Full NameWilliam J Pounds IV
Age27 years old
PartyIndependent-Green Party
BirthplaceTempe, Arizona

 William Pounds Early Life and Education

Williams. J. Pounds was born into the family of William & Monie .A. Pounds III on January 26, 1995. He grew up in the late 90s with a family that thought him values like friendship, respect, honesty, kindness, and truthfulness, which he still abides by today and hopes to use to help Arizona if elected.

As a young boy, Williams admitted to having a passion to help people, even in his high school days, he was nice to people around him and would often visit the needy to support in whatever way he could.

After his high school education, William decided to further his studies at IntelliSchool where he earned a Bachelor’s degree. After schooling, he became a tutor/assistant teacher for mostly deaf children, explaining that young minds are capable of reaching their full potential regardless of their status or disabilities, they only need the right guidance and support. He also worked as a research journalist, investigating to find out the deepest truth on cases, especially those relating to his work.

William Pounds Political Career

Williams decided to become a politician the moment he knew he would have to attain a certain level of power to be able to make a real change in society.

He served as the political Co-Chair on the presidential exploratory committee for the former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura. After that, he went on to become the Vice Presidential campaign manager appointed by former U.S representative Cynthia McKinney.

In 2020, Williams campaigned for the Alaska Green Party to break away from the National Green Party and rooted for a more experienced Jesse Ventura and Cynthia McKinney to be their candidates.

His platform in the party was to ensure that his supported candidates were nominated by the newly formed Arizona Independent-Green Party, but later stopped his support for Jesse, claiming that some of her political ideas didn’t sit well with him, including her supporting political expedients inculcating drugs l, her support for warp speed, and some of the other ideas she supports.

He was later announced as Arizona Independent-Green Party candidate for the upcoming gubernatorial election in 2022 and said he continues the fight for election integrity, medical privacy and freedom, informed consent, and many more he hopes to implement I’d he wins the election.

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