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Fully-Funded Knight-Hennessy Scholarship at Stanford University, 2023

Stanford University, California, USA is offering the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program. Each year up to 90 high-achieving students who are independent thinkers, display purposeful leadership, and have a civic orientation will receive full funding to pursue a graduate education at Stanford.

Application Deadline: 11th October 2023 at 1:00pm Pacific Time.

Scholarship Benefits: The Stanford education of Knight-Hennessy Scholars is fully funded.

  • Knight-Hennessy Scholars receive full funding for their Stanford studies.
  • Full funding covers all academic costs, including tuition, fees for graduate programs, and stipends. Additional financial aid is also available.
  • Study for any graduate degree at Stanford, including PhDs in the humanities, social sciences, engineering, education, business, or the law.
  • Develop your leadership and communication abilities so you can collaborate with people from different fields and come up with innovative solutions to difficult problems.

About Stanford University: Stanford University is a center for research, innovation, and creativity, it offers study opportunities through the Knight Hennessy scholarship program across all academic disciplines and degrees. Graduates of any nation, color, race, or ethnicity, as well as of any age or gender, are eligible for Stanford University Scholarships. Students from over the world are encouraged to apply for this prestigious scholarship in the United States of America if they have demonstrated leadership characteristics in the past and serve as examples for others in bringing about positive change.

To be taken at (country): Stanford University, USA

Scholarship Type: Masters

Number of Awards: up to 100

Eligibility: There are two baseline eligibility requirements.

First, in addition to applying to Knight-Hennessy Scholars (KHS), you must apply to, be accepted by, and enroll in a full-time Stanford graduate degree program including, but not limited to, DMA, JD, MA, MBA, MD, MFA, MPP, MS, or PhD programs.  You must meet at least one of the following four conditions:

  1. You are applying separately but concurrently to KHS and a full-time Stanford graduate degree program such that you will start both in the same year.
  2. You have already been offered and deferred admission to a full-time Stanford graduate degree program, and will apply to KHS such that you will start both in the same year.
  3. You are a current Stanford graduate student who will apply to add a second full-time Stanford graduate degree program, such that you will start both KHS and the new program in the same year.
  4. You are a current Stanford PhD student in your first year of enrollment, and will apply to KHS such that you will start KHS in your second year of PhD enrollment.

Second, you must have earned, in January 2017 or later, a U.S. bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a college or university of recognized standing. To apply to join the cohort in 2024, you  must have earned a bachelor’s degree by January 2017 or later.

How to Apply: Interested candidates are to visit: to commence application. Please ensure you read the guidelines before proceeding with your application.

Selection Criteria:

1. Independence of Thought

First-step mental sharpness
Seeks out knowledge and new experiences
Full of original ideas
Makes sense of ambiguous situations
Can hold a contrarian or dissenting point of view

2. Purposeful Leadership

Ambitious, in the best sense of the word
Driven to improve self
Willing to take risks
Persists and bounces back from adversity

3. Civic Mindset

Personally humble and kind
Respects differences
Concerned for and helpful to others
Low ego

Award Provider: Stanford University, Stanford, California

Important Notes: Please note that We highly recommend that you apply using a current version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

For more information on this scholarship, visit the official scholarship page.

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