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Best Free Online Learning Platforms and Why They are Unique

Online learning has transformed the educational experience. The availability of free online learning platforms has allowed many to learn from the comfort of their homes and devices and still gain valuable skills, knowledge, and certifications.

However, with the abundance of free online learning platforms out there, choosing the right one may be a little bit cumbersome for many. If you are looking for the best website and online learning platform to learn a new skill, gain knowledge on a particular subject as a student, or upskill or acquire an additional certificate as a career professional, we have made a list of the top ones out there and why they are unique from the rest.

The Best Free Online Learning Platforms

Coursera: Coursera is one of the most popular online learning platforms, with global recognition for its diverse selection of courses, specializations, and degrees offered by top universities and institutions. Many of Coursera’s courses are available for free. However, some of the courses may require payments to complete. The platform covers a wide range of subjects and disciplines.

Uniqueness: It provides interactive learning experiences through quizzes, video lectures, assignments, and discussion forums, and certificates from Cousera are widely recognized, especially by online job and freelancing platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork, etc.

Alison: Alison is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a free way to upskill or explore new subjects. With an extensive collection of over 4,000 courses, Alison covers a wide range of topics, ensuring there is something for everyone regardless of their interests or field of study. It is a valuable opportunity for individuals to acquire knowledge and improve their skills without financial barriers.

Uniqueness: Alison’s courses are entirely free with no paid options. All you need to do is create your account, enroll in a course, and start learning. When you are done, you will receive a learner record as proof of course completion. However, once you are done with your course and want to get a physical proof or certificate that you have taken the course, you will have to pay to receive that.

Udemy: Udemy is another popular online learning platform with a user base of 30 million. It offers a wide range of content that instructors from all over the world have contributed. Udemy provides both free and paid courses on numerous subjects, allowing users to customize their learning experience according to their needs. The platform also collaborates with academic institutions to provide high-quality content. Its vast library includes 100,000 courses in 50 languages, taught by 42,000 instructors.

Uniqueness: Udemy stands out for its emphasis on smaller, concise courses. These courses typically span a few hours, allowing you to complete them in a short period, such as an afternoon or weekend, instead of several months.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a non-profit online learning platform that provides free resources and lessons on various subjects. It caters to students of all ages and offers a customized dashboard to track learning progress. Students can learn at their own pace. The presentations of the courses are user-friendly and incorporate regular quizzes and practice questions. These allow you to assess how well you have understood the lesson and track your progress as you engage with the material.

Uniqueness: Khan Academy stands out for its inclusivity; it provides access to educational resources for students at all levels. Additionally, it offers integration features specifically designed for teachers.

In conclusion, free online learning websites offer everyone the opportunity to continue learning, especially as we live in a world where knowledge keeps advancing at a very fast pace. With the options we have made available above, we are sure you will find one that meets your online learning needs.

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